Rioned CombiCam 1

Camera head of stainless steel 55 mm, 50 mm length. Automatic and stepless light regulation with white light LEDs 2 Scratch stable objective glass 3 50 m hardwearing cable with glass fibre reinforced 4 To be connected to every black/white or colour monitor 5 Robust monitor-vcr combination Orion 6 Reel with glass fibre rod 7,2 mm x 40 m 7 Aluminium camera guide 100 mm with suite case 8 Transport case for monitor-vcr combination

Rioned FiberCam

The FiberCam is a robust camera that works very well in bigger drains and sewers in or around the house, like lavatory drains and house connections. Specials guides, with or without brushes, keep the camera well centralized inside the pipe. This camera system is made for drains from 70-250 mm and can handle right angle bends starting from 100 mm. A 130 angle objective guarantees exceptionally good vision in curves.

Rioned MiniCam

The MiniCam is an uncomplicated and solid camera. It is small, but turns out to be an excellent keen eye, suitable for multifunctional use. In drains from 50 mm - 110 mm it tracks down all problems and is not put off by right angle bends. It is a compact, service friendly and easy to handle system.

Rioned SaniCam

The SaniCam is an exceptional camera system with a miniscule camera head and flexible cable. It moves easily through small drains and will negotiate right angle bends starting from 32mm. The SaniCam is ideal for household use, inspecting sanitary pipes in bathrooms and kitchens.

Rioned Detector

Sometimes it is very difficult to exactly locate an obstruction, crack, hidden well or other pipe problems. With the Rioned Detector it is very simple to trace this. You connect a special nozzle to your high pressure hose and you put the sender into the drain. With the receiver, working on batteries, you trace above the ground the position of the sender in the drain. With the Rioned Detector you save a lot of time; there is no need to do heavy digging.

SEE DATASHEET FOR MORE INFORMATION Fibrecam Datasheet : Sanicam Datasheet Get Adobe Reader The datasheets are in PDF format. You can download a free viewer here! right-click and use the 'save as' option or just click to open in your browser (not all browsers support this option).


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